Veterinary Specialty Care in Springdale, AR

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Specialty Veterinary in Fayetteville, ARConnected…

One plus one equals three, the synergy of collaboration.

We believe that our close connection and collaboration with the primary veterinarian & client is essential to the successful treatment of the patient. To assist in this effort, we utilize cloud-based record-keeping ( and imaging storage software ( to provide transparency and rapid access to your pets records, OVSC Schedules, and to request a consultation and follow up instructions when needed.

We are proud to offer specialty veterinary care to veterinarians and animal hospitals in the Northwest Arkansas region. Consider Ozark Veterinary Specialty Care another tool in your pocket. Dr. Williams is available for consultations during the week.

Please feel free to callcontact us online with any questions you may have regarding diagnosis or treatment.

Veterinary Specialists in Fayetteville, ARCompassionate…

Ozark Veterinary Specialty Care and Dr. Jarod Williams believe that staying involved with the veterinary and animal community is another way that we can care for animals. Supporting local animal welfare efforts, taking part in community events, and doing our part to educate pet owners are just a few of the ways that we stay involved.

Take a moment to explore our website, learn more about Dr. Williams, or meet some of our past patients and hear their stories. We look forward to meeting you and your pet! We would love to learn about your personal experiences with OVSC moving onward. We will continue to add to our photo board and would love to see your pet and their story if it will help others remain hopeful in their circumstances.

Veterinary Ultrasound in Fayetteville, ARCare…

Dr. Jarod Williams and the collaborative team working with Ozark Veterinary Specialty Care can offer solutions to some difficult Veterinary problems through the use of both state of the art and common equipment. Dr. Jarod Williams has extensive experience and training in interventional ultrasound & endoscopy, transfusion medicine & blood banking, pain management, integrative therapies, oncology as well as many other core internal medicine disciplines. Dr. Williams is a published author and lecturer on several subjects.

  •  Internal Medicine Consultation
  •  Oncology
  •  Endoscopy
  •  Veterinary Ultrasound
  •  Both Standard and Non-Invasive Soft Tissue Surgeries
  •  Transfusion Support Services
  •  Pain Management